Tire Services

O'Fallon Tire Services

Autotech Auto Center is your place to go for convenient tire service. When you purchase Tires at Autotech, we'll balance and rotate them free of charge with any other service you come in for. Ask about our Non-prorated Road Hazard Warranty!

O'Fallon Tire Services | Autotech Auto Center

When you purchase tires from Autotech Auto Center, we become your partner to help you get every mile possible from your tires.

Lifetime Tire Repair Services | Autotech Auto Center

We will balance & rotate the tires at no charge for the life of the tire, and we are proactive with this, if you are here for any other service, we will automatically balance & rotate our tires, you don't even have to ask.

Tire Warranties | Autotech Auto Center

We will also repair your tire, should you pick up a nail or some other object, if the tire is beyond being repaired, we will replace the tire with no prorated adjustment (subject to useable remaining tread measurements & normal warranty guidelines.) You would only pay the mounting, balancing, & incidentials.

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